Dialect Reduction & Accent Reduction Training

Many people feel disadvantaged in the American workplace because their speaking voice differs from what is known as standard American English. It’s proven—the way you talk affects what others think of you, but the good news is you CAN change the way you speak.

Why would you want to change your accent?


Dialect reduction and accent reduction training is one of Deborah Boswell’s areas of expertise, and she’s eager to help you. Whether you speak with a heavy Southern accent or a foreign dialect, Deborah’s proven approach to dialect reduction or accent modification coaching doesn’t remove your accent completely, but it will give you tools to smooth out your speaking voice in a way that is authentic to you. This kind of personal improvement could result in greater confidence and respect in business or social situations. It could also have a big impact on possible career advancement.

Deborah has extensive experience working with clients with various international dialects, including those from India, Spain, Turkey, Middle Eastern countries and others.

What issues do you normally see when internationals come to you for accent modification services?


Deborah and her expert trainers use one of the leading curricula for dialect reduction and accent reduction training, Compton’s Pronouncing English as a Second Language. Seven-week and 13-week training programs are available, depending on the need. Session times are determined around your schedule. In special cases, Deborah Boswell can work on time-sensitive projects and for “single sound” speech difficulties.

Deborah describes the process of helping a client reduce a foreign or regional accent.


Because of her experience taming (but not eliminating) her own “wild Southern accent,” she is passionate about providing this service either as coaching/consulting or as a corporate seminar.

She has also developed an audio program and workbook you can download to your computer or mobile device, Taming Your Wild Southern Accent!