Become a Confident Business Communicator






“Is it time you started developing confident, fearless communication skills? Let’s identify your issues and give you the tools to become the best business communicator possible.”

You are in the management ranks or are an aspiring leader. You have made it this far mainly because of your business knowledge and experience. Now you realize that, while others seem to come by speaking and listening naturally, you need help developing the clear, confident and authentic communication skills to influence others and advance your career.

As a business communication coach, trainer and consultant who gets dramatic results for her clients – including those from the Fortune 500 – Deborah Boswell brings an exceptional voice, passion and expertise to the pursuit of confident business communication.

This book is filled with insights from her three decades of working in the trenches with hundreds of managers and executives, and training thousands more in seminar settings. From seemingly simple one-to-one hallway encounters to full-blown business presentations, Deborah helps you determine where your communication abilities might be falling short, then reveals techniques to help you strengthen them for maximal impact in your business environment.


  • Your hidden communication issues need to see the light of day so they can be resolved.
  • Your speaking voice can be improved to increase your business efficacy.
  • Technical professionals can learn to effectively communicate with anyone.
  • Adjusting your nonverbal behavior can send the message you really want to convey.
  • Tweaking your presentation delivery can result in becoming a TED-caliber speaker.

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