Improve Your Communication Skills in 2014, Part III

Do you fear speaking in front of people? Research has indicated that it scares many people more than the prospect of death. My advice: face the fear; you’ll be better for it.

The obvious way to build public speaking skills is to take a class or hire a speaking coach. However, you can also develop skills on your own. Volunteer to teach an older children’s class at your church or place of worship. Children are forgiving and you have to be interesting to maintain their attention. Try different approaches and see what works. You will be challenged in a less than threatening environment. Choose to lead meetings at your place of business. Make effective eye contact. Read more and different types of books and articles so you’ll have cool tips and innovative ideas to share with others when you speak.

The most effective way to improve your public speaking skills is to volunteer to speak. Say yes when someone asks. It can sound scary, but the more you speak the more you learn. Increased self-confidence can be another result.

John Powell, a British film music composer once said, “Communication works for those who work at it.”

So, what are you waiting for?