Corporate Seminars

Corporations and organizations select Deborah Boswell and her team of consultants to lead lively and relevant training courses and seminars for employees at all levels. Classes are in formats from half-day to three-day in length. Customized seminar programs can be designed and delivered according to your need, accommodating from two to 40 attendees.

To create the best seminar for your organization, Deborah and her team will work with you in advance so the right outcomes are assured. Communication training courses fall into seven main categories:

Presentation Skills

Through seminars and individualized coaching, Deborah Boswell works with some of the nation’s top companies, helping executives and emerging leaders project confidence and credibility to any audience. These clients understand how business presentation skill makes a positive impact on earning ability and the company’s bottom line.

Deborah’s extensive experience includes the engineering, technology, banking, medical, financial and insurance sectors. Regardless of your field, solid speech training and presentation training can give you the skills to:

  • Grab your audience with the first words that come out of your mouth
  • Overcome fear and shyness about business presentations
  • Sell more products and services through powerful presentations
  • Conduct powerful meetings that get results
  • Listen effectively
  • Present technical information clearly, concisely and persuasively
  • Master voice projection, articulation, pace, body language, eye contact and gestures
  • Use audience involvement techniques to identify and handle questions


Coaching engagements are company-referred or self-referred and are customized to the specific need of the individual. After an initial assessment meeting, Deborah will develop a proposal and a plan of action that addresses the client’s goals. Here is a 5,000-foot view of her coaching process.

Seminars & Workshops

Presentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills seminars and workshops are delivered at your site according your need. We offer a variety of customized course formats such as two-day and half-day trainings.

Those who complete this training will be able to:

  • Identify the key components of a powerful presentation
  • Understand the value of utilizing stories and analogies in a technical presentation
  • Explain the physiological and perceptual factors involved in producing a strong and interesting speaking voice
  • List the specific tools required for communicating specific information to virtually any audience
  • Utilize a three-step process for handling questions from the audience
  • Differentiate between effective and ineffective use of visuals in a presentation

“Thank you for an excellent two-day session with our staff. The sessions were very productive and informative. We not only have new tools for enhancing our presentations, but we also have a better understanding of each of our employees’ skill levels. One employee commented that she would be willing to participate in any training sessions that you conduct. I look forward to opportunities to work with you in the future.”

Darrell Ranum, JD, CPHRM
Regional Vice President
The Doctors Company

Technically Speaking: Presentation Skills for Engineers and Tech Experts
Many engineers and technical professionals will admit that the “soft skills” ARE the hard skills. This especially applies to presenting complex messages to non-technical decision makers. Deborah’s presentation will encourage the audience to “sell and tell” with greater confidence and ability. This program, using the fundamentals found in the Presentation Skills Training class (above), is designed to help technical professionals develop the presentational skills that will be an asset to their careers. It served as a basis for a CEU-granting video course of the same name, which Deborah developed at the request of Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

“She truly has the credentials, knowledge and experience to design and deliver courses on topics that engineers, surveyors and technical professionals need to grow and succeed in their careers, but don’t get in their formal academic education.”

Wanda Lambert, Marketing Director
Engineering Graduate Online and Continuing Education
Auburn University

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Workplace Communication Skills

Workplace Communication Skills seminars and workshops are delivered at your site according your need. We offer a variety of customized course formats such as two-day and half-day trainings.

Listen Like You Mean It
Most top business performers are great listeners. Some were born that way and others need training. Enhanced listening skills can save time, build teams, and make more money for the organization. Leaders and managers at all levels benefit from building powerful listening strategies, and this presentation will get them started.

Women In Charge: Communicating with Confidence and Credibility
What if we could clearly communicate our natural confidence and credibility in everything we do – in an authentic and integrated way? Deborah’s presentation helps create better understanding of this new approach that will enhance dialogue and development.

Business Communication Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals
Verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills are often overlooked as important competencies in technical professionals. Deborah brings all the elements together to help tech professionals become stronger communicators.

The Push and Pull of Feedback
Feedback can be difficult.  There is much debate about whether it’s harder to give it or receive it.  The authors of the book “Thanks for the Feedback” state that no matter how well you deliver the feedback the outcome is truly based on how the receiver perceives it.  This is a highly interactive course that will enable you and your employees to understand why you respond the way you do to feedback.  It will give you the tools to hear the feedback and utilize it for the purpose it was intended.

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Leadership & Strategy Skills

Unless otherwise noted, Leadership Skills seminars and workshops are offered in a variety of customized course formats such as two-day and half-day trainings.

Leadership Essentials
Being authentic as a leader means understanding yourself and speaking and acting genuinely. Your actions mirror what you believe and feel, and there is no contradiction between what you do and what you say. At the end of this workshop, you should be able to: 

  • Understand, recognize and foster essential leadership traits and skill
  • Act with authenticity to build trust
  • Bringing out the best in others to enhance performance and engagement
  • Look for and accept feedback
  • Manage the nonverbal messages that you send and receive
  • Determine priorities that align with the organizational vision
  • Expand operational, personal and strategic networks
  • Understand how to dress appropriately for business success

Successful Supervisor Series
There is no role in today’s companies that can be as rewarding and sometimes frustrating as that of supervisor. The supervisor role is multi-faceted and requires many hats to be worn by those employees who accept this challenge. The Successful Supervisor Series is designed for those individuals who are new to the supervisor role as well as seasoned supervisors who are seeking a refresher course.

Key concepts and conversations:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the supervisor’s role
  • Manage employee performance and productivity
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Benefit from developmental conversations with other supervisors
  • Learn effective skill sets to manage employee performance
  • Expand your peer network

First Line Supervisor Training
Don’t promote good employees into their first supervisory position without providing them this basic training first!  This is a two-day boot camp training for new supervisors. Assorted topics are covered to help increase participants’ awareness but without going too deep. However, the course is customizable and topics can be covered into whatever depth is appropriate for the organization.  Topics include:

  • Defining good leadership
  • Understanding effective communication skills
  • Knowing and practicing the components of an effective presentation
  • Understanding how to dissect an employee’s performance issue by learning the Situational Leadership model
  • Understanding the basics of an effective performance appraisal as well as writing observable and measurable goals
  • DISC personality assessment
  • Legalities in hiring and an awareness of FMLA, ADA, FLSA, overtime pay, protected classes, and harassment, etc.

Strategic Thinking & Planning
A recent survey by M3 Planning indicated that more than 90% of all businesses lack a strategic plan. A study by Franklin Covey showed only 19% of workers could describe how their company’s top goals translated to the strategic thinking of their own personal performance goals.

Strategic thinking and planning don’t happen by accident. This course is all about being intentional when it comes to these critical tools and concepts.

Key concepts and conversations:

  • Difference between strategic thinking and plain old thinking
  • Strategic vision to guide the planning
  • Importance of vision and mission statements
  • Setting and defining strategic priorities—based on what?
  • Internal and external influences on your thinking and planning
  • Strengths and weaknesses that should be considered
  • Threats and opportunities that impact your thinking and planning

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement is both a mindset and a tool. Opportunities for continuous improvement are around us every day. It’s about making small, incremental improvements to contribute to increased competitiveness, productivity, teamwork, employee engagement and reduced costs.

This sounds pretty simple and yet companies struggle with finding a consistent method or approach for continuous improvement. This course focuses on doing just that.

Key concepts and conversations:

  • Defining continuous improvement and its benefits
  • Exploring what a continuous improvement mindset looks like
  • Creating a continuous improvement culture
  • Hearing examples and case studies of continuous improvement successes
  • Exploring an eight-step continuous improvement process

Leadership IMPACT
This comprehensive and customized leadership training course should only be considered by companies who are seriously interested in growing and developing its leaders and are willing to make an investment in time and resources to do so. Executive management’s role is to speak in some of these classes, to allow participants’ time to attend training and work on assignments outside of class, to provide support, and to be open minded to new ideas generated from this training in order to address current internal issues.

The general objectives of this course are to:

  • Have current and future leaders prepared to take on new job responsibilities which support the company’s succession planning process
  • Bring about or enhance a more collaborative culture in the organization
  • Teach and enhance performance management and accountability through open conversations and straight talk
  • Give leaders more confidence in their decision making when dealing with others
  • Help future leaders become aware of employment laws and avoid potential discrimination claims and harassment situations which can be costly to a company
  • Provide a tight-knit group of peer-to-peer mentors among the class cohorts

This customized course consists of six to eight half-day sessions (weekly, monthly, etc.) with the same group of cohorts attending each session. Each topic builds on the other and homework may be assigned after each session.  Topics or activities typically include:

  • Individual personality assessment
  • Teambuilding and trust building
  • Conflict management
  • Situational leadership and performance management
  • Employee motivation
  • Guest speakers from the company on vision, management philosophies, culture, leadership, etc.
  • 360-degree assessment of all participants
  • Problem-solving processes within the organization
  • Class field trip
  • Graduation dinner after work hours

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Accent Modification/Voice Improvement

Accent Modification/Voice Improvement seminars and workshops are delivered at your site according your need. We offer a variety of customized course formats such as two-day and half-day trainings. These topics can also be the basis for one-on-one coaching.

Taming Your Wild Southern Accent!
It’s proven—the way you talk affects what others think about you. It could impact your business credibility and earning power. This is a fun and effective session focused on refining the rough edges of our beloved Southern accents. Deborah brings her extensive work in foreign and regional accent modification to this workshop—not to mention experience taming her own “wild accent” to fit the demands of her career and clients.

Foreign Accent Modification for the Advanced English Speaker
Deborah brings years of clinical and corporate experience to the task of helping foreign nationals become clearer, more powerful English speakers. The Compton PESL Foreign Accent Modification program can be scheduled for six individuals or less on a flexible class basis. Intensive programs can also be arranged. Deborah Boswell is certified by the Institute of Language and Phonology to teach this program.

Accent Modification for the African American English Speaker
Accent modification specifically for the African American English speaker who wants to learn and apply standard American speech patterns for various business situations.

Tune into How Your Voice Really Sounds
You hear a symphony but others might hear something different! We may be unaware of speech habits and patterns that affect positive communication. This session helps you start tuning in to improve the sound of your voice.

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Customer Service

Customer Service seminars and workshops are delivered at your site according your need. We offer a variety of customized course formats such as two-day and half-day trainings.

Dialed In to the Customer Mindset: Connecting with Customers Through Quality Customer Service
In the age of instant shopping, endless choices and expanding customer bases, your company depends on excellent customer service. Employee attitude, the ability to listen to customers and proper phone manners are just some of behaviors and skills that your employees need, and this training program is designed to help them:

  • Define professionalism and how your approach confirms or denies your effectiveness
  • Identify service mentality and your role in this customer mindset
  • Link telephone etiquette to successful customer interactions
  • Identify basic interpersonal communication tips and techniques and learn how these help you become a more effective listener
  • Describe the do’s and don’ts for proper use of company email
  • Commit to three actions to improve your customer service

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Workplace Culture/Employee Development

Workplace Culture and Employee Development seminars and workshops are delivered at your site according to your needs. We offer a variety of customized course formats such as two-day and half-day trainings.

Practicing Professionalism
Business etiquette is a subtle but critical set of behaviors that can make or break an important meeting, influence a first impression or impress a potential client. This workshop helps attendees:

  • Make appropriate business introductions
  • Understand the protocol for shaking hands
  • Understand how to dress appropriately for business success
  • Successfully navigate a business meal
  • Know the rules of electronic etiquette
  • Manage the nonverbal messages that you send and receive

Creating & Sustaining Employee Engagement
A little employee engagement is proven to generate great improvements. Studies continue to show that companies with engaged employees consistently outperform those without in the areas of customer loyalty, profitability, and productivity. So, it looks like engagement impacts performance, and not the other way around!

Key concepts and conversations:

  • Measuring employee engagement
  • Engagement drivers – what matters most?
  • How engagement impacts employee alignment
  • Engagement levels with the organization and the manager

Workplace Motivation for Optimum Results
We know that motivation is essential to the success of any individual or organization. And for years, there has been an ongoing conversation about “cracking the code” about what really motivates people. The answer may be easier than we think.

Key concepts and conversations:

  • What REALLY motivates people?
  • Motivation myths and de-motivators
  • Trying to motivate others AND yourself
  • What if motivation never happens?

Coaching Conversations: Coaching In the Moment and On the Fly
The conversation about coaching in the workplace has received significant focus for many years. But what is coaching really all about? There are many interactions that are labelled “coaching”, but when you take a closer look, they aren’t really coaching at all. Why all the mystery? Why all the confusion around coaching?

This workshop will help to define coaching and provide participants with a solid coaching model and tools that will remove the clutter and the confusion that often comes with the concept of coaching.

Key concepts and conversations:

  • Define coaching: what it is and what it isn’t
  • Identify obstacles and roadblocks to coaching
  • Execute formal coaching vs. coaching in the moment, and how to do both
  • Follow an easy model that simplifies the coaching conversation
  • Practice putting our tools and model to work in a real conversation

Resume and Interview Preparation and Coaching
Our consultants have years of corporate recruiting and human resources experience and are able to provide one-on-one coaching for resume preparation. In addition, consultants also provide tips on how to ace the job interview with plenty of role play practice. These sessions are customized for each participant based their unique situation.

Employee Relations Investigations
If your company is experiencing a serious employee relations issue or has received a formal EEO complaint, your company’s obligation is to conduct an unbiased and thorough investigation of the events. Typically a company’s HR department would handle this. However, some small companies do not have an HR department, or the HR department is already operating at maximum capacity and cannot take on this additional task. In other cases, the issue or formal complaint is aimed at the HR department, making it inappropriate for HR to conduct the investigation.

Regardless of the situation, employees involved in the investigation are often more candid with someone from outside the company. In these situations, our experienced consultants will travel to your organization’s location or to a neutral meeting place, and conduct thorough and unbiased investigations of the events.  The deliverable at the end of this process is a written report and suggested action items.  The final decision and action items, however, is left up completely to the transgression of the company’s management.

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Agile, Scrum & Project Delivery

Introduction to Agile
This workshop provides a starting point as well as foundational knowledge of the techniques, skills and tools that will enable you to build an Agile approach within your organization. You will gain a clear understanding that will provide a fast start towards executing your plans for incorporating Agile practices.

Key concepts and conversations:

  • History of Agile and how the collection of principles and practices came together
  • Best practices from the various
  • Agile methodologies that contribute to team success
  • Agile terminology, roles and forums with their context
  • Processes that support Agile principles to enable delivery of great products
  • Power of Agile teams through communication, collaboration and cadence

(This is a full-day course and is recommended as a prerequisite for the Scrum Fundamentals course.)

Scrum Fundamentals
Scrum is a lightweight, adaptive Agile framework for managing complex projects. This course teaches the key concepts in Scrum and provides a basic understanding of how a Scrum framework helps to consistently deliver successful project results that add the most value.

Key concepts and conversations:

  • Roles, artifacts, and events that are key Scrum components
  • Simple rules and best practices to guide relationships and interactions in a Scrum framework
  • Simulations and exercises to drive an experiential understanding of the complete
  • Scrum framework, and delivering a product increment

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