Clinical Speech Therapy

Clinical Speech Therapy for Adults

You may have had a speech problem since childhood. Perhaps you had no access to therapy or the problem has grown worse over time. Regardless, as an adult your speech or language problem may be a barrier to achieving your personal or professional goals.

As a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, Deborah Boswell works with adult clients who stutter or have voice disorders. Since 1991 she has provided caring and friendly speech therapy services to clients in Birmingham, Ala., Nashville, Tenn. and throughout the Southeast.

Some of the problems and disorders she treats include:

Speech Therapy: assessment, plan and treatment

If you think you need speech or language therapy, there are three basic stages: assessment, treatment plan and treatment. The assessment involves sitting down with you and understanding your needs and your goals, and conducting diagnostic testing when applicable. We then develop a treatment plan that allows both therapist and client to agree on areas of focus, the frequency of sessions, and an estimated length of time you will be in treatment.

Increase your communication skills and self-confidence

There are no cookie-cutter approaches to Deborah’s services; every client is different. Your treatment will take place mostly in our office, but there will be homework consisting of practice and exercises you will do at home. Speech therapy can be hard work, but ultimately meeting your goals will have life-long effect: better communication with others and increased self-confidence.

Contact us today

Contact us for a free phone or email consultation with no obligation. If we determine, together, that an initial meeting is in order, we will evaluate your speech or language skills and consult with you on appropriate treatment. If treatment is necessary, we will set up a therapy program customized for your needs and schedule.

Monthly stuttering support group

We host a monthly stuttering support group, which is sanctioned by the National Stuttering Association. We welcome anyone who is interested to attend. Contact us for more information.

Speech therapy for children and teens

If you need speech/language therapy for your children, please visit Child’sPlay Therapy Center.