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Communication Coaching & Consulting

As a communications coach, Deborah works one-on-one with business leaders, managers, executives and technical professionals. These consulting engagements are highly-customized according to need, the client’s schedule and other factors. Sometimes an individual requests Deborah’s services and at other times company leadership will request them on behalf of an individual. But these clients have one common trait: they are unable to achieve their professional potential without first improving their business or personal communication skills.Deborah’s approach is usually a blend of coaching and consulting, and every engagement is different. Here are some common services:

Presentation Skills Training & Coaching

Presentation coaching is needed when presentation skills lack organization, clarity or spark. Deborah has over two decades of experience in helping people overcome the fear of speaking and helping them to convey their natural confidence and expertise.

Through seminars and individualized coaching, Deborah Boswell works with some of the nation’s top companies, helping executives and emerging leaders project confidence and credibility to any audience. These clients understand how business presentation skill makes a positive impact on earning ability and the company’s bottom line.

Deborah’s extensive experience includes the engineering, technology, banking, medical, financial and insurance sectors. Regardless of your field, solid speech training and presentation training can give you the skills to:

  • Grab your audience with the first words that come out of your mouth
  • Overcome fear and shyness about business presentations
  • Sell more products and services through powerful presentations
  • Conduct powerful meetings that get results
  • Listen effectively
  • Present technical information clearly, concisely and persuasively
  • Master voice projection, articulation, pace, body language, eye contact and gestures
  • Use audience involvement techniques to identify and handle questions


Coaching engagements are company-referred or self-referred and are customized to the specific need of the individual. After an initial assessment meeting, Deborah will develop a proposal and a plan of action that addresses the client’s goals. Here is a 5,000-foot view of her coaching process.

Seminars & Workshops

Deborah Boswell CoachingPresentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills seminars and workshops are delivered at your site according your need. We offer a variety of customized course formats such as two-day and half-day trainings.

Those who complete this training will be able to:

  • Identify the key components of a powerful presentation
  • Understand the value of utilizing stories and analogies in a technical presentation
  • Explain the physiological and perceptual factors involved in producing a strong and interesting speaking voice
  • List the specific tools required for communicating specific information to virtually any audience
  • Utilize a three-step process for handling questions from the audience
  • Differentiate between effective and ineffective use of visuals in a presentation

“Thank you for an excellent two-day session with our staff. The sessions were very productive and informative. We not only have new tools for enhancing our presentations, but we also have a better understanding of each of our employees’ skill levels. One employee commented that she would be willing to participate in any training sessions that you conduct. I look forward to opportunities to work with you in the future.”

Darrell Ranum, JD, CPHRM
Regional Vice President
The Doctors Company

Technically Speaking: Presentation Skills for Engineers and Tech Experts
Many engineers and technical professionals will admit that the “soft skills” ARE the hard skills. This especially applies to presenting complex messages to non-technical decision makers. Deborah’s presentation will encourage the audience to “sell and tell” with greater confidence and ability. This program, using the fundamentals found in the Presentation Skills Training class (above), is designed to help technical professionals develop the presentational skills that will be an asset to their careers. It served as a basis for a CEU-granting video course of the same name, which Deborah developed at the request of Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

“She truly has the credentials, knowledge and experience to design and deliver courses on topics that engineers, surveyors and technical professionals need to grow and succeed in their careers, but don’t get in their formal academic education.”

Wanda Lambert, Marketing Director
Engineering Graduate Online and Continuing Education
Auburn University

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Dialect Reduction & Accent Reduction Training

Many people feel disadvantaged in the American workplace because their speaking voice differs from what is known as standard American English. It’s proven—the way you talk affects what others think of you, but the good news is you CAN change the way you speak.

Why would you want to change your accent?

Dialect reduction and accent reduction training is one of Deborah Boswell’s areas of expertise, and she’s eager to help you. Whether you speak with a heavy Southern accent or a foreign dialect, Deborah’s proven approach to dialect reduction or accent modification coaching doesn’t remove your accent completely, but it will give you tools to smooth out your speaking voice in a way that is authentic to you. This kind of personal improvement could result in greater confidence and respect in business or social situations. It could also have a big impact on possible career advancement.

Deborah has extensive experience working with clients with various international dialects, including those from India, Spain, Turkey, Middle Eastern countries and others.

What issues do you normally see when internationals come to you for accent modification services?

Deborah and her expert trainers use one of the leading curricula for dialect reduction and accent reduction training, Compton’s Pronouncing English as a Second Language. Seven-week and 13-week training programs are available, depending on the need. Session times are determined around your schedule. In special cases, Deborah Boswell can work on time-sensitive projects and for “single sound” speech difficulties.

Deborah describes the process of helping a client reduce a foreign or regional accent.

Because of her experience taming (but not eliminating) her own “wild Southern accent,” she is passionate about providing this service either as coaching/consulting or as a corporate seminar.

She has also developed an audio program and workbook you can download to your computer or mobile device, Taming Your Wild Southern Accent!

Coaching & Consulting Process: 5,000-foot view

Change can be hard, so Deborah Boswell’s process minimizes the “pain” involved on the part of the individual being helped and his/her organization. Usually, things get started when a company leader, HR professional or corporate division manager contacts Deborah about an unresolved communication problem with a key manager, an emerging leader, a salesperson or an established executive. Common communication challenges include need for presentation training, accent reduction or dialect reduction, technical speech improvement or other speech training.

After goals, timeline and budget are established, Deborah and the individual will usually meet one-on-one for a prescribed number of coaching sessions. These sessions are tailored to his/her learning style and customized to the client’s schedule. Improvement benchmarks are noted, and follow up is performed to assure quality results and client satisfaction. A compressed schedule can be designed for client engagements where rapid improvement is needed on a specific deadline.

There are no canned programs, but there is a successful process that Deborah employs to get solid, consistent and trackable results.

Client companies engage Deborah as a communication consultant to assess and address workplace communication problems. Examples include problems listening to others, strained team member relationships, or a speech disorder that hampers successful communication.

Deborah Boswell’s other services include Keynotes & Breakouts and Corporate Seminars.

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