Communication Coaching & Consulting

As a communications coach, Deborah works one-on-one with business leaders, managers, executives and technical professionals. These consulting engagements are highly-customized according to need, the client’s schedule and other factors. Sometimes an individual requests Deborah’s services and at other times company leadership will request them on behalf of an individual. But these clients have one common trait: they are unable to achieve their professional potential without first improving their business or personal communication skills.Deborah’s approach is usually a blend of coaching and consulting, and every engagement is different. Here are some common services:

  • Presentation coaching is needed when presentation skills lack organization, clarity or spark. Deborah has over two decades of experience in helping people overcome the fear of speaking and helping them to convey their natural confidence and expertise.
  • Client companies engage Deborah as a communication consultant to assess and address workplace communication problems. Examples include problems listening to others, strained team member relationships, or a speech disorder that hampers successful communication.
  • Dialect reduction and accent reduction training is another important need in today’s increasingly multicultural work landscape. Deborah has helped many professionals reduce their strong foreign or Southern accent or African-American dialect. All of her coaching and consulting services are provided with confidentiality and are mindful of the client’s specific communication goals.

There are no canned programs, but there is a successful process that Deborah employs to get solid, consistent and trackable results.

Deborah Boswell’s other services include Keynotes & Breakouts and Corporate Seminars.

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