Taming Your Wild Southern Accent! Digital audio and workbook


(NOTE: this product is available only as a downloadable file)



It’s proven: the way you talk affects what others think of you. Whether you are a businessperson, broadcaster, actor or public official, the way you verbalize information, thoughts and emotions have a tremendous impact on your success and possibly earning power. Deborah Boswell wants to help you tame your wild Southern accent–not eliminate it–in this proven, easy-to-follow digital audio program and workbook companion.

In this digital audio, which you can download to your computer or mobile device, Deborah  guides you through 21 easy exercises to smooth out your Southern accent to make your new way of speaking uniquely yours! The result could be greater confidence and respect in business or social situations. The workbook supports the audio exercises but also gives you additional information and insights for your journey toward self improvement.

Deborah brings her extensive work in foreign accent modification to this program, not to mention her experience taming (but not eliminating!) her own wild Southern accent to fit the demands of her career and lifestyle.