It Can Happen to Anyone!

The recent televised “fumbling for the word” fiasco by Governor Rick Perry and then Herman Cain’s brain blip when paging through his memory to respond to a question about Libya represent what can happen when you are either unprepared or overworked. It’s uncomfortable not only for the speaker but the audience as well. It’s not that we don’t understand the brief word-finding difficulties; it’s just that we expect the candidates who have put themselves out for public scrutiny to be great speakers. How could these 2 gentlemen have pulled themselves out of the ditch? Governor Perry should have had notes in front of him. He was making a point about his plans…..information that should have been in his notes. He should have glanced down, found the key word, and continued with his explanation. What would have saved Herman Cain? Bluff and toss the question back to the interviewer. It was a very broad question about Libya. Cain could have asked, “what specifically do you want to know about my thoughts on Libya” or even “what aspect of Libya would you like for me to address?” Additional information from the interviewer may have been just enough to get Cain started with his response. It takes preparation plus nimble and quick thinking to be a great speaker.