Keeping My Head Down

I have made a new start! Not just the fact that I am back with my blog but also that I have recently begun running. I realize the value of running versus walking and my body is capable of running so I have set a new course and have been running for approximately 4 months. It is amazing the changes that can happen physically, mentally and even spiritually from extreme exercise. I have a difficult time with hills! I stop and walk almost every time. My goal is to run up the hills as well as down the hills. I discussed this with my son who is a seasoned runner and he gave me some great advice. He told me to keep my head down and only focus on the pavement immediately in front of me. If I keep looking up at the monstrous hill, my brain will take over and the negative thinking starts and the monster hill will win the battle.

I believe this concept is true when you are making changes in your communication style. Whether you are working on modifying a foreign or regional accent, improving your grammar, eliminating slang terminology or eradicating negativity in your speech. The goal is to keep your head down and take one step at a time. The goal is before you but to reach the goal you must deal with the step in front of you all the way to the outcome you are trying to achieve. Keep your head down and reach your goal!!