Out in the Hall Again!

I distinctly remember the shame of being seen sitting on the floor in the hall outside of Mrs. McNorton’s room at Dean Road Elementary in Auburn, Alabama.  I sat in that hall more times than I care to remember.  You see, I had a hard time controlling my mouth. If I had something to say to another child in my class, I couldn’t resist the urge to say it when it popped into my mind. Today, I would probably be  diagnosed with ADD or Impulsivity or heaven knows what else. What I found over the years of elementary school, junior high and then high school was that 9 times out of 10 if I was in trouble with a teacher, it was because of talking when I was supposed to be quiet.  I still struggle with blurting my thoughts when I am supposed to be quiet. It comes to down to self-control.  I am much better than I was in school.  I have learned to write my thoughts and share them at the appropriate time. To be honest, I have made a career out of talking and helping others talk more effectively!  I turned my biggest flaw into a career!  Is that not ironic?  How is that working for me?  It is working beautifully and the best part is there is not a day that I wake up dreading going to work.  I am truly doing what I was meant to do in life.  What about you?