Live Every Day Motivated, Successful and Happy




In this celebrated anthology, Deborah Boswell and others share insights and secrets to help you live the quality life you seek.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Discover fresh insights regarding your strengths and capabilities so you can embrace terrific new opportunities and bounce back from inevitable setbacks. Live life on your terms. This book delivers proven ideas, secrets and strategies that have helped millions enjoy more confidence, deeper relationships, and soaring accomplishment levels. When you finish reading this book you will agree there is no need to ever accept less than the best for yourself.

Contributing authors:
Listening Out Loud, by Deborah Boswell
A Plan, Commitment, and Mentors Equal Success, by James Clack
Stop the Noise: Get Rid of the Static and Tune into Living, by Michele Matt
Living an Inspired Life, by Robert Stack
Maintaining Perspective and Finding Balance, by Valerie Marquardt
Setting and Reaching Goals, by Darren Jacklin
…and others!