Words….just words……

Words are not just words.  Words have power.  Words give you power.  I am amazed at the lack of love for words.  I hear words like “stuff” and “things” and “interesting”.  The following words would work just as well and they are much more visual and active:  techniques, approaches, paraphernalia, fascinating, intriguing.  We aren’t much of a reading generation and we don’t care a great deal about word choice.  We just grab a word from our limited repertoire and hope it reflects what we want to say. 

 I saw a fascinating interview with Eminem on 60 Minutes months ago.  Whether you care for his brand of music is irrelevant.  What was most intriguing was that Eminem pulled out a large chest in which he kept words and phrases on scraps of paper.  These were words and phrases that “spoke” to him.  Words that he bends and twists to make the lyrics for his rap songs.  I was enthralled that this troubled young man put so much value on words.  “I just felt like I want to have all these words at my disposal, in my vocabulary at all times, whenever I need to pull them out,” Eminem said in the interview with 60 Mintues.  He also stated that he used to read the dictionary as a young man.  Eminem’s lyrics may be angry and targeted but they do tell a story.