Going With the Flow

At Orange Beach, Ala. for some thinking and writing. Just watched the DVD, Going with the Flow:  A Guide to Transcending Stuttering by Phil and Uri Schneider. 

Right away, I liked the title. I like the word “transcending.”  I also know that I am personally trying to learn to “go with the flow” in my own life.  That is a hard trait to learn. Especially when you are a control freak like me.But control can be good.

Anyway, the DVD is the story of a young lady and young man who have been in speech therapy most of their lives. It is also the story of an amazing speech-language pathologist and his work with these two individuals over the years.  Self-awareness and self-adjustment are key factors in transcending stuttering.  This DVD inspired me and resonated with me in more ways that I can explain.

If you stutter, I want to encourage you today.  Journey on.  Stuttering is a part of who you are.  What you do with and about the stuttering is your choice.  You are in control.  Instead of fighting and struggling…..go with the flow.  Know your truth and be true to it.