The King’s Speech

I saw The King’s Speech with the stuttering support group I lead here in Hoover, AL. The film is excellent and I strongly recommend it to all movie goers. Historical and inspirational! About England’s King George VI who struggled with stuttering (they call it stammering in the UK) all his life. When his lovestruck brother, Edward, abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson (an American!), George became King, and his duties with public speaking increased.

The movie deals with how he prepared for a pivotal live broadcast to his countrymen as conflict with Nazi Germany was becoming imminent. At the time, there were few therapies to help people who stutter. Today we know that stuttering is mostly physiological in origin and often genetic. While there’s no cure, there are support groups and strategies that help people live with, and sometimes overcome, stuttering.

It’s affirming to see something in the media that treats people who stutter with dignity, but you don’t have to be the King of England to succeed as a person who stutters!

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